Val Zudans, M.D.

Val Zudans, M.D.

Board Certified Ophthalmologist


How do you keep your eyes from drying out?

You Moist-Ur-Ize!

Dear Valued Patients,
Dry eye isn’t just a nuisance—it’s a multifactoral condition that can significantly impact your daily comfort and vision. An unstable tear film causes both ocular discomfort and fluctuating blurred vision, especially during activities like reading, computer work, video games, and driving, which increase tear evaporation.
To combat dry eye effectively, it’s crucial to understand the intricate components of your tear film and how they can be disrupted by inflammation. Conditions like blepharitis, rosacea, and auto-immune conditions can exacerbate this inflammatory cycle, further complicating dry eye management.
For mild dry eye, over-the-counter artificial tears may provide relief. However, for moderate to severe cases, a combination of preservative-free artificial tears and punctal plugs—a technique that blocks tear drainage—may be necessary. Omega-3 supplements, particularly those containing GLA found in black currant seed oil, as well as a ketogenic diet can offer powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.
In severe cases, serum tears derived from your blood can provide a rich source of growth factors, enzymes, and nutrients to promote ocular surface health.
By moisturizing your eyes effectively, you can maintain sharp, stable vision and comfort for years to come, even during activities that tend to exacerbate dry eye symptoms. Don’t let dry eye hold you back—moist-ur-ize your eyes and enjoy clearer vision and greater comfort throughout the day!
Warm regards,
Val Zudans, M.D.

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