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Zudans Eye Surgery offers premiere cataract surgeons to Palm Bay, FL, residents. For over two decades, Dr. Zudans has led the charge in the field of custom cataract surgery, making lives brighter and vision clearer for over 10,000 patients. His technique revolutionizes the typical cataract surgery experience, as it does not require needles, stitches, or drops. This groundbreaking approach not only ensures comfortable patient recovery but also maximizes your potential for improved vision. In addition, it greatly decreases and often entirely removes dependence on glasses.

In-Office Eye Care Procedures

Beyond cataract surgery, we offer an array of in-office treatments performed with the utmost safety and comfort. Dr. Zudans is highly skilled in numerous minor eye procedures, including but not limited to YAG vitreolysis, YAG PI, YAG capsulotomy, and selective laser trabeculoplasty for glaucoma. He also provides treatments like eyelid biopsies, aesthetic injections, and skin lasers, among others. Serious vision-threatening conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, wet macular degeneration, and vein occlusions can also be treated by Dr. Zudans through intravitreal injections.

Refractive & Laser Eyes Surgery in Palm Bay, FL

Another area of our expertise includes refractive surgery. With an impressive record of conducting over 1,000 excimer laser-based refractive surgeries, Dr. Zudans has assisted countless individuals to perceive the world clearly without the constraints of glasses or contact lenses. The PRK (surface excimer laser) procedure stands as his preferred technique, offering most patients the path to their ideal vision correction. Schedule your appointment with an experienced cataract surgeon in Palm Bay today.

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